Treatment for Performance Anxiety

All of us experience anxiety at some point in our lives.  Anxiety is a normal neurological expression of not feeling safe.  Anxiety can be chronic and pervasive, like social anxiety or PTSD, or it can be specific and situational.  Examples of situational anxiety are:
  • fears of animals or insects,
  • fear of making phone calls,
  • fear of risking a confrontation,
  • fear of interviewing,
  • fear of public speaking or performing,
  • blocks around writing, reading or math,
  • or test anxiety
These anxieties can keep us from doing things we truly love or striving for our dreams.  Sometimes our anxiety feels out of our control and limits us in our lives.

Anxiety can arise from many different circumstances.  The cause might be clear and easily identified.  Perhaps your fear of dogs is the result of being scared or harmed by a dog when you were young.  Or perhaps you were embarrassed in school when you read out loud and now you stuggle to speak or read out loud because of the anxiety it creates.

There could be a genetic component to your anxiety, it may run in your family, or you may have learned if from a family member. If you came from an environment where shame and embarrassment were common, you might also be prone to specific or situational anxiety.  Sometimes the cause of your anxiety is a mystery, but it can likely be resolved, even if we never learn its cause.

In the end, if you are not doing the things you want to do because of specific and situational anxiety, get help, as it is almost always treatable.  Why put it off?  Change your life now.  Make an appointment today. Don't waste another day wishing you could accomplish something you always wanted to do.  Don't let performance anxiety limit your potential.


Start your new path in life and be the change today!